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Reiki, healing, Tarot readings, workshops, events and groups.

Elizabeth Drake

Welcome to my website. 

If you are reading this now I like to think that you have found this site for a reason. The universe leads us in certain directions and you have been lead here. We all need a bit of help once in a while and if you are looking for a way to deal with stress, emotional or physical problems or just simply want to give yourself, a friend or relative a relaxing treat then welcome to my site. If you are seeking advice on what the future may hold then a reading from me may be just what you need. Regular meditation sessions may help with your stress levels and health problems or you may be looking for deeper spiritual growth, in which case my development group or 1-2-1 sessions can help with that.

On the next pages you will find out a little about me and the treatments, readings and events I offer.