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Reiki, healing, Tarot readings, workshops, events and groups.

Elizabeth Drake

Guided Meditation 

I run a monthly guided healing meditation session in Bedford. For these sessions I intuitively write my own guided meditations. The relaxation itself is very healing, but I also include healing imagery, which can help on both physical and emotional levels. Taking that time out regulary to relax and just be with yourself, can bring about many benefits, such as lowered blood pressure, a more efficient immune system and a greater ability to deal with stress.

The structure of the sessions allows time for discussion of what people have seen in their meditation (only if they want to) and tea and biscuits and time for socialising afterwards.

If you don't live in Bedford itself, I may be able to bring a session to your town or village if there are enough people interested. I am also available for one to one meditation sessions, where I will tailor the meditation to your needs (a short interview will be required before the session).

To buy your ticket for the next guided meditation event on

the 9th of July click the buy now button. This will take you to paypal. I will send you confirmation of you ticket purchase within 24 hours.

Guided Meditation Group Session

Drum Meditation

The steady beat of a drum can bring about a very deep meditative state, in this state we can deal with past issues and ask questions and advice. As a Reiki Drum practitioner I also send healing Reiki through the drum at the same time, and so the sessions are doubly healing. I am at the moment running one monthly Group Reiki Drum Meditation session on a Wednesday evening at the Friends Meeting House. You can see the dates of these from the events and workshops page.

Many people find these drumming sessions very powerfully healing. Here is just one of the testimonials I have received for these sessions-

On that session I did, I was starting to suffer with quite a deep depression again and had not been able to lift myself. Instantly after that session, I felt like me again!! I walked back into the house and before I spoke, my partner said "welcome home Vicki, you're back!" The change was amazing. thank you so much!

Please contact me for details for both groups.

. If you would be interested in coming along to a session then please contact me either by phone, email or through the contact form on the website.

To buy a ticket for the next event on the 25th of June please click on the buy now button and this will take you to paypal to make your payment. Please be aware this ticket is non refundable but may be transferred to someone else.

Reiki Drum Meditation Group Session