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Reiki, healing, Tarot readings, workshops, events and groups.

Elizabeth Drake


"I was a total sceptic before my reading from Liz. She had never met me, knew nothing about me, but she totally blew me away with an uncannily accurate reading. It left me speechless." Ali

"Recently, I turned to Elizabeth for healing as I have had a continuing problem with my lower back and when my back seizes I am unable to walk and in a great deal of pain. I had an episode one morning and Elizabeth came round immediately and gave me healing as I lay on my bed. It was a wonderfully calming experience and I floated away and the pain receded. I rested for a couple of hours and afterwards I was pain free and able to walk. I highly recommend the healing that comes through Elizabeth and her loving, calm manner means that she is just the right person to have around when you are in pain" Jane

"Elizabeth Drake is a very competent and intuitive healer.

I found the treatments worked exceptionally well. She took her time, and I did not feel that I was just another client. When I had the first treatment I noticed a change in my over all well being in the days that followed.

By the third treatment, I had more energy, had lost a lot of my listlessness, and was mentally and physically more awake than I had been for years. And, that I was now prepared for a long travel experience. Previously I had suffered from a long standing phobia of flying.

I feel that without the treatment I would have had difficulty in conquering and over coming my fears and anxieties, and that they would have got the better of me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Reiki from this Healer to anyone who has failed to find relief from the every day stresses and aches of life by the usual means such as prescription drugs and painkillers, or from the very temporary relief that comes from food, alcohol, coffee, and so forth. Reiki, leaves a lasting feeling of well being, and is completely safe and natural.

The over all treatment gave very good value for money. And I would urge everyone to give it a go for a few sessions at least." Alan

"I have been lucky enough to have Reiki and crystal healing from Liz on many occasions. She has used reiki to help with my acute period pain and crystal healing for general well being sessions. It has been 'mind blowing' every single time. Taking my breath away at how relaxing, emotional, balancing and re energising I feel during and after a treatment.

Liz has a calm way about her that helped me totally trust her. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Liz lives and breathes her 'work' and for this reason I would highly recommend her for treatment. " Susan

" I was very stressed and just feeling down when Liz gave me my first reiki and it was so strange. This was the first time that I had tried it and I was transported into a world of colours and patterns as she worked on me. It was such a wonderful experience that I am happy to recommend it to everyone." Kathy  

"I just wanted to thank you for the lovely day yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed all the meditations you took us through.

May I say that it a rare and beautiful gift you have guiding others with meditating. Your tone of voice is a melodious joy to listen to and Is a pleasure to follow. You have a great insight into the timings people require for these works and pause long enough so we can complete the image and flow with it in our minds and then move us on with ease.

A thoroughly well put together day that was well timed so each activity flowed beautifully on to the next. A wonderful day emotionally, spiritually and personally.

Please let me know if you are having more days like this in the future as I find the evening and daytime meditations difficult to get to with School/work commitments and travelling time.

I love learning new things like yesterday and would love to attend more of your day courses and be able to hear more from you and your beliefs on days like this. Many thanks. " Lydia 

"Once again, thank you for a wonderful workshop today - what a truly inspiring way to look ahead to 2013!

Instead of the usual practice of setting resolutions of the must do/mustn't do variety, we were able to receive guidance during meditation as to what would enrich our lives at a deep, spiritual level. To help us move towards this new reality, we were also guided to release those limiting beliefs which may have held us back in the past, literally sending them up in smoke!!

I've never resolved to join a gym or give up chocolate, but imagine that trying to do either would feel like a punishment! How different are my new 2013 promises to myself and the Universe! Just thinking about them fills me with joy and optimism!! I'm really pleased that you will be repeating this workshop later in the month, so I can recommend it to all my friends." Sue